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Our Artists. The Creative Force Behind Social Science Media. Our formidable team is united by a singular commitment: crafting extraordinary content with unwavering authenticity. We thrive on creative innovation, pushing boundaries to achieve remarkable digital marketing outcomes.

Anabella Social Science Media

Anabella Mainetti is an industrial engineering graduate with a strong background in optimizing manufacturing processes and developing efficient quality systems. Her career began in manufacturing companies where she played a pivotal role in saving resources, time, and money by streamlining operations and simplifying processes.

Her journey into entrepreneurship started in the sharing economy, where Anabella honed her marketing skills. She soon recognized that her engineering expertise was a game-changer for creating lean marketing strategies. This realization led her to establish her own agency, Social Science Media.

As the founder of Social Science Media, Anabella specializes in providing consulting services to a diverse range of companies. Her focus is on crafting comprehensive marketing strategies that encompass critical processes essential for achieving success in product or service sales. Her areas of expertise include branding, user experience (UX), social media content ideation, creation, and publication, sales scripting, and auditing customer acquisition practices from start to finish. Anabella excels at identifying bottlenecks and offering effective solutions to help companies meet their goals.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Anabella is a passionate polyglot, fluent in four languages, and enjoys dedicating her free time to language practice and exploration.

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